Main Events

Business Plan

The flagship event of ENSHIP's annual event, the Business Plan event requires teams to formulate proper, applicable business plans with the required data analysis.


The entrepreneurship quiz assesses the participants knowledge of the real world of pioneer-dom and the ability to which one can apply it.


Ad-making not only tests the creativity of the participants but also assesses their ability to make their idea stand out to their consumer base. It emphasises on the role of marketing and advertising in running a successful business.

Group Discussion

Participants have a round table discussion on a topic that is provided to them on the spot and the participants present their arguments one after the other. The ability to analyse and find flaws in the opponent’s logic on the spot is essential to ensure victory.


This is the most exciting sub-event of all! Each year, teams are surprised with a unique event that tests entrepreneurial skills in unconventional, creative ways.